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Research Paper Information

The purpose of the term paper is to make you an expert in some phase global financial strategy as it pertains to the Internet.  More specifically,

“How the development of the Web and Internet has impacted global finances?”

The student can choose any “one company” (say, Barnes and Nobles) or “one industry” (say, Music Industry).
The paper should be based on current research articles as well as other reading materials. The paper should be well written and proper end notes and bibliography are required. As a general guideline, the paper should be approximately TWENTY pages long, typed (1.5 spacing Font size 11 and excluding references and appendices).


You should choose a very specific topic and do in depth research in that topic. Analytical and Quantitative/Computer analysis will be amply rewarded.  Some suggested topics are below.  But please choose a topic of your own.  The “first” criteria for grading the final project is the originality of the topic.

Example topics

  • Impact of Internet on any individual participant in supply chain
  • Impact of Internet on global ginancial management strategies of a particular industry
  • Impact of Internet on global portfolio management strategies of a particular company or institution.
  • Impact of Internet on any electronic market
  • Taxability of assets in electronic markets
  • E-Credit markets
  • E-Debt / bond markets
  • Impact of the Internet on a specific industry: say Airlines or, Book-sellers, or Music, or Auctions, etc.
  • Global strategies to combat E-frauds
  1. Effect of web on Auction Markets: Implications for global pricing issues
  2. Effect of  web in derivative trading strategies: Program trading, Portfolio Insurance:
  3. Internet and world currency; bit coins
  4. Effect of Internet in a particular company. [American Airlines, Apple, Block Buster, to Virtual Zoos]  


SOURCES Examples:  1.Wall Street Journal  2. Business Week  3. Fortune  4. Forbes 5. The Economist  6. Financial Times 7. International Finance Corporation’s publications. 8. Numerous Online publications 9. Numerous Academic Publications 10. The Banker 11. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 12. Journal of International Business Studies 13. Journal Of Banking And Finance 14. Money 15. Federal Reserve Bank’s Regional Review’s 16. Barron’s 17. Management International Review 18. Latin Finance. 19. Annual Reports.  20. IMF/World Bank publications.

Online Data Bases: Lexis and ABI/Inform; Datastream and Internet


  •  Originality of the Topic and uniqueness of the Problem:  25%
(Define the topic and problem to be as narrow and specific as possible; For example, instead of Impact of Internet on Airline Industry, choose ‘Internet and airlines reservations’ or Impact of Net Flix on Blockbuster Revenues and Profitability during 2009-2011; or ‘Development of Mobile Banking in Thailand during the last 2 years’)
  •  Relevant Research:  25%
[Identify and use at least 10 latest articles, information sites etc. which are relevant]
  •  Financial and Quantitative Analysis:  25%
[This is a finance course, hence Financial Analysis of the problem is needed. Avoid all descriptions, definitions, History etc. Use publically available Balance Sheet, Trade Data etc.]
  •  Presentation:  25%
[The paper has to be in your own words. No cut and paste job, from the Internet or wherever please. Whenever you are citing other works, provide citation].

Additional Requirements 

Min Pages: 20 
Level of Detail: Show all work 

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