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Choose a topic from the list provided by the Instructor and narrow down the focus. Find articles in the scholarly sources

that relate to your Midterm Paper topic focus. You may wish to use the Midterm Annotated Bibliography Checklist to help

you organize your literature. In your Midterm Paper Annotated Bibliography, you include the article references in APA

format and for each reference, you provide a brief description of the key points of the article and how you use the

information from each article in your Midterm Paper Assignment. Your Instructor uses the Module 2 Annotated Bibliography

Rubric to grade this Assignment.

Your Assignment must contain the following:
• A title page
• A concise, 1- to 2-paragraph description of the focus area
• Sources: 6–10 recent (less than 5 years old) articles that support the topic of your Midterm Paper. A minimum of six of

these articles must reflect primary peer-reviewed research. Beyond the minimum six primary research articles, you may add

additional, high-quality secondary literature (reviews or meta-analyses), and you may use websites if from a scholarly

and relevant source (e.g., EPA, NCHS, etc.).
• Annotation: For each research article, include the study aim, the methods used, and the findings. For each non-research

source, provide a concise description of the relevant key points addressed in the source. Include in the annotation a

brief description of how you plan to use each source (e.g., provides statistics for the problem, etc.)
• A reference page. Your references must follow APA formatting.

Annotated Bibliography Checklist
Instructions: Choose a water-related topic from the provided list and narrow down the focus. Locate at least six articles

no more than 5 years old that clearly relate to the focus you described. Be sure that the articles you select are

available in full text (not just abstracts) either in the University library databases or from an open access journal.

The articles you choose must be primary research studies, not secondary literature. This resource is a checklist to

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