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Week 7 Homework On Your Own 13-1 Submission


Click the link above to submit your assignment.

Students, please view the "Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment" in the Student Center.

Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center.

Homework Overview

Worth 75 points a piece

The following are the minimal requirements to complete each homework assignment.

  • Required course textbook
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2010 software or more recent
  • Windows Operating System: Windows XP or more recent is recommended

Complete the weekly homework based on the following:

  1. Complete the On Your Own project according to the project instructions and submit your assignment through the online course shell.  Note: It is important to note that some On Your Own projects request a printed or self-submitted document.  Students completing this course online or in a physical classroom must submit the assignment through the online course shell regardless of the textbook submission instructions.    
  2. Submit your assignment in the appropriate MS Office application(s) using the filename “Last name_First initial_OYO#” in addition to the appropriate filename extension (e.g., .docx, .dotx, .htm, etc.). For example: If your name is Mary Smith, the file for the On Your Own project 12-1 should be saved as Smith_M_12-1.dotx 
  3. Include a title page, which indicates your name, course section, professor name, and title of assignment.
  4. Provide general comments on the overall assignment experience in two to three (2-3) sentences. Submit the written portion in the text box located in the assignment submission link. 

Weekly Homework Breakdown

Note: On Your Own Projects are available in both the textbook and in CourseMate, which can be accessed in each week  Make sure you click on the correct link for the type of computer you are using.  There is a link for PC users and MAC users below..

Week Due

Homework Assignment 

(Click each link below to download the pdf version)



On Your Own 13-1 (PC Version)

Own Your Own 13-1 (MAC Version)

This assignment can also be found on Page 456 to 457 of your text if you are having trouble downloading from the link on the left.

The files necessary to complete certain On Your Own homework assignments can be downloaded from the additional resources area of the Student Center or here:  OnYourOwnDataFiles.zip


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