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Question Description

Capital Punishment Scenario chosen you can find it on the final project rubric attached. You can also find instructions for this on the other rubric please follow instructions for both. Feedback for other papers will be attached here as well as the other papers for more information and help please read everything.


Using what you have learned so far in the course, you will complete the ethics and diversity section of your project. In this paper, you will examine the role of ethics and the implications of diversity in the scenario you have chosen. You are acting as the assistant to a forensic psychologist in this case, and you will assess your role relative to the potential ethical implications or ramifications in the scenario. You will use the Ethical Principles for Psychologists and Code of Conduct to substantiate your claims. You will also assess the potential risks associated with the scenario, or potential personal biases that would impact a forensic psychologist’s ability to be objective and fair. What is your recommended course of action regarding the identified risks?

Once you have discussed ethics, you will discuss the implications of diversity on the scenario you have chosen. Discuss the implications of diversity, race, or gender on the delivery of services in this scenario. What are drawbacks of not being culturally competent or culturally aware? How would you address these issues? How would you ensure integrity and the high standard of professionalism? What steps are needed to ensure the best practices in addressing cultural competency are considered when providing services to clients of varying cultures and backgrounds?

For additional details, please refer to the document and the document.

Feedback on papers to keep in mind for this paper:

PSY 545 Milestone One Feedback:

Milestone One Introduction to case analysis:

Introduction – Identifying a Scenario: You chose and identified the scenario that you have chosen to analyze for your Final Project.

Introduction – Key Facts: You provided a concise overview of the key facts in your chosen scenario that are relevant to the issues and needs in this case.

Introduction – Issues: You identified and articulated some of the key issues in this scenario which must be addressed by a forensic psychologist. A suggestion for improvement in your final submission would be to review the following list and describe the primary issue first, followed by the rest of the issues. The key issues can be found in your framing questions. Those issues are:

Capital Punishment Sentencing (Competency Evaluations):

  • The primary issue is competency for execution– not competency to stand trial. As part of that analysis you may address whether or not there is evidence to support a dispute of the findings of the previous competency examination.
  • Cultural competency in identification and handling of issues that may affect the assessment process and choice of instruments.
  • Aggravating circumstances.
  • Mitigating circumstances.

Introduction – Needs: You identified and articulated some of the needs of the client, their defense team, and the court in this scenario. A suggestion for improvement would be to relate needs to the specific issues in this case. Be sure to address the way you as a forensic psychologist will meet those needs in your future milestones.

Articulation of Response: You wrote in an organized and logical fashion with no grammar, spelling, syntax, or citation errors. A suggestion for improvement would be to remove the section titles following “Introduction”, as those sections are part of future milestones. This milestone is just the Introduction so for your final submission, revise your text to include only the information required for this particular milestone as show in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric found in Learning Module One. Please reach out with any questions.

Milestone Two Capital Punishment:

For this milestone she awarded an F because a lot of things were missing from the rubric so it is crucial that EVERYTHING that is provided on here is read thorougly and instructions are followed.

Please review the feedback below and revise and resubmit your Milestone Two as soon as possible so I can regrade it for you. Read the rubric for this milestone and focus on the criteria specified in the rubric – the goal is to put together a psychological assessment process for this defendant regardless of your personal position on the death penalty. Our professional assessments should be apolitical and only focus on the empirical evidence for the process itself. Take a look at the rubric for this Milestone and that will provide you with guidance about what to include in this portion of the assignment.

Scientific Methodology – Specific to the Scenario:

A suggestion for improvement would be to choose an appropriate scientific methodology and use it to evaluate and analyze this scenario in detail.

Theoretical Framework – Evidence-Based Approaches:

A suggestion for improvement would be to apply your research to the development of an evidence-based approach to effective client services in this scenario.

Theoretical Framework – Psychological Theory:

A suggestion for improvement would be to select a psychological theory that relates to this scenario and describe the factors behind your choice as well as the rationale for your choice.

Here are some links to help guide you in the selection and description of your psychological theory and appropriate scientific methodology:

Capital Punishment Sentencing (Competency Evaluations):

This link will provide you with information on how the APA views the death penalty

And this link will provide you with the text of Ford v. Wainwright, the seminal Supreme Court case on competency for execution, which is the central issue in this case

Theoretical Framework – Scenario:

A suggestion for improvement would be to outline the recommended best practices or approaches for your chose scientific methodology as it relates to this scenario.

Articulation of Response

A suggestion for improvement would be to review the rubric for this Milestone to ensure that you are satisfying the assignment criteria.

Please reach out with any questions.

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