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Part 1:

There was a street festival in Downtown
Springfield over the weekend, after which there was an increased number
of food poisonings reported at area hospitals.

The Springfield
Department of Public Health conducted a survey of people who were
stricken with illness, and an equal number of people were reported
attending the festival, but were not stricken.

The questionnaire
sought to determine probably cause of the outbreak.Use the attached data
to conduct a Odds Ratio analysis for the 6 foods, and discuss the
resulting Odds Ratios in a report format that offers recommendations for
future street festivals

Part 2:

As an emerging
Industrial Hygienist / Epidemiologist, you are interested in rates at
which minor and major injuries occur due to bicycling in the population
of Springfield residents.You have interviewed 1,000 residents (who ride
bicycles on a weekly bases) for relevant information on

  • Age
  • BMI
  • Weekly Mileage (average over a 5 year period)
  • Minor injury history
  • Major injury history (defined as needing hospitalization)
  • Plot the minor accident data to determine different metrics of Risk and Rate for age group normalized by
    • Population
    • Miles ridden per week
  • Guidance
    for Risk and Rate by age group is presented in the lecture, and in the
    paper on vehicular accidents and fatal accidents posted to Kodiak
  • Repeat for accidents grouped by BMI rather than age

You will now conduct some exploratory analysis using these data.


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