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Will be checked on turnitin.com Must be done using your own words. I already have the first paragraph done..(the intro) below is the rubric and attached is the article...


Journal Article Summary Rubric 

 Each summary is worth 25 points. 

 You may choose to summarize a journal article based on a topic covered in a chapter of the course 


 The article must be from a peer reviewed journal. 

o You may use the library or online databases (e.g. ProQuest, Psychinfo). 

 You must follow APA format 

o Resource: Google - Owl Purdue APA 

 Summary Requirements 

o 850 Words 

o Double Spaced, Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font 

o Title of article 

o Title and date of research journal 

o Name(s) of author(s) 

 Summary Format 

o Goal(s) of the experiment (what authors were studying) 

o Methodology (steps in collecting data) 

o Results (conclusion) 

o Personal critique (i.e., your thoughts, opinions, reactions) 


APA style 


 / 2 



/ 4 



/ 9 

Results summary 


/ 6 



/ 4 

- proper citation of 

article, per APA 6th



- identify the 

specific research 

question being 

addressed and the 

outcome predicted 

by the author(s) 


- identify the 

independent and 



- describe the 


- describe how the 

study was 


- discuss the 

findings of the 


- was the 



- identify the 

implications of the 

research findings 

- proper grammar and 

sentence structure 

- use of complete 


- everything is in your 

OWN words 

- avoid the overuse of 



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