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A large school district is reevalutating its teachers salaries. They have decided to use regression analysis to predict mean teacher salaries at each elementary school. The researcher uses years of experience to predict salary. The raw data is given in the table below. The resulting equation was:

Y=19389.21+1330.12X where Y=salary and X=years of experience


Salary Years Exp
$24,265.00 8
$27,140.00 5
$22,195.00 2
$37,950.00 15
$32,890.00 11
$40,250.00 14
$36,800.00 9
$30,820.00 6
$44,390.00 21
$24,955 2
$18,055.00 1
$23,690.00 7
$48,070.00 20
$42,205.00 16

Q1) What is the correlation coefficient?

Q2) What is the coefficient of determination?

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