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Develop and outline a comprehensive Functional Behavioral Assessment Report. The specific objective of your Functional Behavioral Assessment Report is to demonstrate synthesis of the course material related to FBA’s as they have been presented in the course. This is the following case you will be using:


A third grade student in a public elementary school has been referred for behavior problems continuously for the past three months. This student is demonstrating consistently disruptive behaviors in this classroom and in other settings within the school (lunch, recess, specials, etc.). Disruptive behaviors have been termed “aggressive” and “non-compliant” by school staff.


Project Expectations:


  1. Utilize Examples 2 and 4 from Chapter 12 of your Ebook as models for your report; however, it is not necessary to structure them exactly as they are presented.

  2. At a minimum, your FBA Report must include the required components as reviewed at the beginning of chapter 12 ( These are the compenments you need to use).

  3. • Identifying information (e.g., name, age, school/agency, date of report).
  4. • Reason for referral.
  5. • Assessment procedures.
  6. • Description of assessment procedures.
  7. • Assessment results.
  8. • Identification of interfering behaviors.
  9. • Description of interfering behaviors.
  10. • Current level of occurrence of interfering behaviors.
  11. • Identification of antecedent variables (SD, UMO, and/or CMO).
  12. • Identification of individual variables.
  13. • Identification of consequence variables.
  14. • Parameters of reinforcement.
  15. • Hypothesized function(s) of interfering behaviors.
  16. • Examples that illustrate how antecedent, individual, and consequence variables influence the occurrence of interfering behaviors.
  17. • Evidence- and function-based interventions.
  18. For each of those components, you should include specific details as they would be related to the referral scenario you are addressing. Details would include descriptions of the assessment tools, forms, and procedures that would have been implemented.

  19. It is not necessary to report actual scores or responses of completed assessment forms and tools, but there should be in inclusion of some detailed information that could have been gained by utilizing such tools and procedures within the context of the case scenario you are working on. DO NOT simply list items.

  20. It is not necessary, nor appropriate, to include ALL of the assessment tools, forms, and procedures reviewed in the course. Be judicious in your choices and make good clinical decisions on what assessment procedures you are including.

  21. Develop hypotheses related to the function of the target behavior based on fictional specifics of the tools and procedures you have described in your report ( The hypothesis that you need to use is:

    (Based on the results of the indirect and direct assessment methods of the FBA, it is hypothesized that the behavior is maintained as a function of...)

  22. All tools, forms, and procedures reviewed in Units 4–9 should be considered when developing the components to be included in your FBA Report, but, as stated above, not necessary to include all of them.

  23. It is expected that you will need to demonstrate “creativity” and/or “dramatic license” when outlining the steps of the Functional Behavioral Assessment you are reporting on.

Assignment Guidelines:


  1. 2500 words minimum

  2. APA Format

  3. Utilize the readings and other course material from the course.

  4. If you feel you must find outside resources for assistance, please utilize academically legitimate resources (DO NOT use websites and Wiki’s that are not peer-reviewed)

  5. DO NOT focus on the use of diagnoses or labels

  6. Be specific and detailed; do not just list items and facts

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