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Step 2: Summarizing the Correlation Table

 Examine the SPSS correlation output provided by the survey company (this information is provided on Blackboard in the 

“Individual Analysis Project Correlations” file).

o Create a new, more stream-lined correlation table to include in your final report. Use the correlation table from 

In-Class Assignment #2 as a guide. Some general questions to consider include the following:

 Is there any information in the table that is repeated and could be omitted?

 What are some changes you could make to this table to make it more “user friendly” or easier to read?

 Note: Be sure to include all of the information necessary for a “complete” correlation table (e.g., means, 

standard deviations, correlations, etc.)

o Examine the correlation table you just created, and summarize the correlational relationships. (hint: organizing 

this information in a table format can be helpful—a blank table is provided in the “Individual Analysis Project” 

Folder for your convenience. Please feel free to copy and paste it into your executive summary).

 What is the direction of each relationship?

 What is the statistical significance for each relationship?

 What is the practical significance for each relationship?MAN 6316: HRM Metrics

Individual Analysis Project: Fall 2014

*Names and data contained within this assignment are purely fictitious—any similarity to an actual retailer is purely coincidental

Step 3: Interpretations, Recommendations, and Limitations/Next Steps

 Use the information you gathered in Steps 1-2 and interpret these findings. Specifically, make written recommendations to the 

company regarding the following:

a. How are Intentions to Stay related to Pay Satisfaction and being Conscientiousness? For instance, are people who are 

Conscientious more likely to have intentions to stay? How does pay satisfaction influence whether an employee 

intends to stay with the company?

b. Does age or gender share a statistically significant relationship with any of the variables? If so, what do those 

relationships mean?

c. Focus Financial believes that their best customer service providers are the employees who are most likely to leave the 

company. Does the data support this hypothesis? How is Customer Service Performance related to each of the 

variables studied?

d. Based on these results, what changes would you suggest Focus Financial make to help its employee retention? In 

other words, where should they focus their efforts to prompt the most change? (note: you can be creative with your 

suggestions, as long as they make sense based on the correlation results).

e. Focus Financial had access to limited data during this investigation, and they would like to conduct another study in 

the near future. Think about what you have learned during this class. What kinds of data do you think the company

should collect in the future to better assess their employee retention concerns? Are there any changes to their data 

collection methods that you would suggest? (Note: You can be creative, but be sure to support your suggestions with 

rationale/evidence from the course material.

The final written report should be 3-5 double-spaced pages (not including any tables/figures). The final written report should 

contain the following sections:

 Brief introduction (e.g., what is the purpose of the report?)

 Descriptive statistics for the data

 Correlation table & summary of correlational relationships

 Interpretation and Recommendations

 Outline of limitations/next steps

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