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Write three cover letters for three different jobs.

Your cover letters should meet the following 



One of the three can be in email format.

At least two of the three should follow 

conventional business letter format.

You must customize each for a specific job 


In each of these letters, include the following:

Your name and address

The name and address of the recipient 

Formal business letter format

Content that showcases your skills and 

mentions why they are a good fit for this 

particular job.

A level of customization that shows your 

understanding of how you must vary your 

communication based on your audience. 

The job posts for which the cover letter is 


An APA title page

Include an APA title page as well as spell check 

and proofread your work. 

Each letter should contain the following information:

Your address, telephone number (personal--

not your business number), e-mail address, 

and the date, in that order.

Next, type the name, title, and address of the 

person to whom the cover letter and résumé 

should be sent. It is very important to get the 

name--and usually easy to find. Simply call 

the company to find out to whom you should 

address your letter.

Skip a line, write "Dear 

Ms./Mr./Mrs./Dr./Professor Whatever," then 

skip a line and start writing your letter.

The body of your letter should consist of two 

to three paragraphs. The first paragraph 


should tell the reader who you are and why 

you are writing. Inform the reader of what 

specific position you are seeking and why you 

think the company needs your services.

Write one or two more paragraphs that tell 

why you want to work for the company and 

what qualifications and experience you can 

bring to that company. Mention only a few of 

your accomplishments and skills, since the 

rest of your information is in your résumé.

The last paragraph of your letter should 

request an interview, stating how you can be 

reached. Close by thanking your reader for 

his or her time and consideration.

Close the letter with "Sincerely" or "Yours 

Truly" followed by your signature with your 

name typed underneath it.

Send an original, signed letter, not a 


Be sure to proofread your letter thoroughly--


spelling errors are a sure sign of carelessness.



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