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5 paragraph essay

2 pages and a half minimum

thesis MUST be the last sentence of the introduction (please)

Please try to stick with the same ideas in the body paragraph because if it is completly different then it'll be impossible for me to hand the paper to my instructor

this is the rough draft:

Artists are a main reason for spreading the minority's voice and
belief and this minority group is usually the artist's origin or
country. Bob Marley is considered an artist that spread the
minority's voice across the globe, Jamaica. Bob successfully
accomplished his goals and now Jamaican culture and voice is
recognized by the majority of the world. Therefore people started
respecting and admiring Bob for such a great accomplishment.
Therefore, artists are expected to represent the minority of their
people and culture.
    Secondly, the middle or low-middle class part of a society
occasionally would need their voice to reach the upper-class people
or government officials for many reasons. Political disagreement or
perhaps even war could be one of those reasons. Therefore, great
people like the famous Pablo Picasso would draw paintings that
indirectly communicate with the government and their officials and
spread the middle-class's demands and needs. This shows how people
started to depending on artist to reach the rather more important
people using art.
     Last but not least, without art speaking for the minority of
society, religions and valuable information from our ancestors
would so vanish throughout the years. Writing is considered a form
of art which has been saving beliefs for thousands of years. For
example, people who dedicated theirlives to write down and print
the words of The Holy Bible are considered artists who saved
Christianity from vanishing as the years passed by. That being
said, people started expecting artists to represent or store their
beliefs and cultures for future generations to benefit from them.



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