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Essay Possibilities:

1. What was the Columbian Exchange? What were these worlds like before and after

the Columbian Exchange?

         Brief Outline

 I. Columbian Exchange is exchange between Americas, Europe, Africa

II. Pre Columbian Exchange

a. Americas (American Indians)

1.General Culture - use specific examples

b. Europe

1. Religion

2. Trade - exploration

3. General culture

c. Africa

1. general culture

III. After the Columbian Exchange

a. Americas, Europe, Africa

1. How did it effect each?


2. What role did religion play for the early explorers and colonist? What were the

effects of religion on the natives and colonists?

Brief Outline

I. Reformation

II. Spanish

a. Missionaries – came to convert – results and significance –(Indians)

III. British

a. what were there religious reason to come (conversion – homeland –what?)

1. Catholics

2. Pilgrims

3. Puritans

4. Quakers

5. Look at relations w/ Indians w/ each

 IV. Great Awakening

a. what was it and what was its significance


3. Compare the economies of New England and the Middle Colonies with the Southern

and Chesapeake Bay Colonies. How did this affect their white societies?

Brief Outline

 I. How and why settled

a. New England and Middle colonies

1. came over for religious reasons in families – results and significance

b. Chesapeake Bay and Southern coloniesTest 1

Study Guide – AMH 1041 Web class Phipps

1. came over mainly for the purposes of making money as singles –

significance and results

 II. Economies as they matured

a. New England and Middle colonies

1. allowed them to continue living in communities – significance

b. Chesapeake Bay and Southern colonies

1. the cash crops meant that they were spread out – significance

2. need for slave labor

a) fear of Slave rebellion


4. Why did Slave labor come about in America. What was its effect on the African

Americans and their white masters?

Brief Outline

 I. How started (Portuguese) – Spanish

 II. British colonies

a. where was it prevalent and where was it not – why

b. how did it grow

c. Slave culture

d. Fear of slave rebellion

 III. Revolution

a. how did slave and free blacks react

 IV. Republican expectation

a. how effect Slavery


5. What events led the English Colonies to declare their independence (be sure to

explain why these events were stepping stones to this)? How did these events effect the

new Republic?

Brief Outline

I . British government getting more control

a. Proclamation Line of 1763

b. Sugar Act – Why did British put it in

1. What was colonist reaction

c. Stamp Act – why important

1. Actual representation

2. Sons of Liberty

3. Boycott

d. Townsend Acts –

1. Boston Massacre

e. Tea Act

1. Boston Tea Party – British response

f. Continental Congress to Revolution

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