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PowerPoint Presentation: Understanding Military-Civil Support: Individual Assignment

Review articles placed in Course documents related to EMAC and Stafford Act. Use this information along with the Content column to assist in preparing your presentation in Week 5.

This presentation should total 15-20 minutes.

National Guard EMAC

Attached Files:

  • NG EMAC.pdf (362.329 KB)

EMAC Overview

Attached Files:

  • EMAC overview For NRF.pdf (137.094 KB)

Stafford Act Overview

Attached Files:

  • nrf


    pdf (317.243 KB)

Review NGO list in Course Documents (no assignment-awareness of NGO groups. May be helpful in Week 8).

NGO List

Attached Files:

  • ngo
    list.pdf (105.775 KB)

Tips for a good PowerPoint presentation: There is an example/tutorial

how to create an effective PowerPoint presentation that can be found under the Course Documents tab in

. This will be particularly useful to students who have not had experience with these presentations in the past, but may also help others refine their skills. You will be graded not only on the

content but
also the visual appeal and general effectiveness of your presentation in conveying the content.

Slides should have no more than 4-6 lines of text per slide, and 1-3 ideas per slide max. Text should be in bullet format, not paragraph/prose format. Information should be conveyed in a concise but comprehensible manner. Do not write too much, as this creates a crowded slide which is visually overwhelming. Your meaning will get lost in the slide and your audience will lose interest. Do not write too little as this makes it difficult to understand your intended meaning. You may receive a lower grade because it will not be clear that you understood the concepts. Use photos and diagrams thoughtfully to supplement and advance your presentations, not just as meaningless filler.

Each presentation should have a title slide, an objectives slide and one or more reference slides. The title slide should contain the title of your presentation, your full name, the date and DMM-640. The objectives slide should outline the main bullet points that your presentation will cover. These should be analogous to lessons you expect your intended target audience to learn from your presentations. Your target audience has a basic disaster management background equivalent to your

. You do not need to include background material such as the history of ICS in your presentation.

The number of slides will be assigned for each presentation. The student may go above that number by 2-3 slides, but may not go

the assigned number. The assigned number of slides does NOT INCLUDE the title, objectives or reference slides.It also will not include slides with pictures or diagrams unless those slides substantivelyadvance the presentation. This means that if this were a live presentation you would spend at least one minute discussing that picture/diagram. If you use photos or other multimedia in your presentation and it is not your own work (i.e., you took it from the internet) you MUST reference it on the slide (as opposed to the references slide at the end



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