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write a 5 paged essay



Body is 5 pg, 12 pt, double spaced Times new roman

Intro: goal and strategy

1 Obtaining the populist support and quelling dissent

Putin background within Russian post Soviet era

Role in solving Russia’s Chechnya uprising

Russian social problems - heroin alcohol

Quieting the press: Mrs. Politkovskaya, Mr. Paul Klebnikov and other journalists

Quieting the outspoken critics: Mr. Litvinenko and others

2 Developing a mafia state of corruption

Forcing international companies to abide by Russia’s mafia state: Mr. Magnitsky and business corruption

Holding rich elite in check: Mr. Mikhail Khodorkovsky and other rich elites

3 International expansion into Eastern Europe

Irridentistic approach to international relations: Georgia and Ukraine, First Lt. Nadiya Savchenko

“Little Green men” strategy for border states - invasion without consiquences?

4 Your conclusion

Is Putin a psychopath? What would this then mean for the future?



Russian Hegemony through force and coercion


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