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Why might a firm choose to expand into a culturally similar country? Why might it choose to expand into a foreign country with very different qualities from its home location?




2.     How does a large-scale entry differ from a small-scale entry?


3.     There are two primary strategies:  (1) currency hedging and (2) strategic hedging.




4.     Name the two types of entry modes associated with exports, and explain how they work.




5.     Summarize four types of non-equity contractual agreements.




6.     What are the two broad categories of strategic alliances?




7.     Outline the three stages of alliance formation.




8.     What are three of the most common motives for acquisition?




9.     How does a manager avoid pre-acquisition and post-acquisition problems?




10.  Use the VRIO framework to describe the difference between an alliance and an acquisition.




11. If you were part of a firm’s leadership, under what conditions would you choose one strategy over another, acquisitions vs. alliances? (consult the Debate section)






12.  What are the four strategic choices in the integration-responsiveness framework?




13.  What are the four corresponding organizational structures?




14.  What are some of the informal rules of the game governing the selection of subsidiary managers in MNEs headquartered in different countries?




15.  Summarize how knowledge is developed and disseminated in each of the four types of MNEs.




16.  Summarize the insights revealed by using a VRIO framework to analyze a potential structural change.




17.  How would you characterize the two types of knowledge found in an MNE?




18.  What are the three main approaches to staffing?




19.  What are the four key roles that expatriates typically play?




20.  Why do a high percentage of expatriates fail abroad?




21.  In expatriate compensation, what are the differences between the going rate.




22.  In what ways does a career development plan benefit an expatriate?


23.  How do the concerns for primary stakeholders differ from those for secondary stakeholders?




24.  What does triple bottom line mean?




25.  What are four types of strategies underpinning CSR decisions?




26.  Give an example of global sustainability that demonstrates your understanding of the concept.




27.  Devise two examples: one in which a corporation’s participation in a social issue adds value to the firm and one in which it decreases value in the eyes of the stakeholders.


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