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Hands-On Steps







1. From your computer workstation, createa new text document called DoD Lab #2.


2. Considerthe following scenario:







You work for a governmental unit of DoD and your manager has asked you to write a brief paper




outlining the importance of having the proper DoD-approved frameworks in place when an organization




wants to conduct business with a governmental unit. Your task is to evaluate all the available




DoD, IASE, and NIST hardening guides on the Internet and to write a brief analysis of the technical




controls and hardening guides that should be implemented as a minimum guideline for divisions of




government agencies such as yours.





3. Launchyour Web browser. In the address box, typethe Web address: http://www.defense.gov/


RegisteredSites/RegisteredSites.aspx. Reviewthe DoD list of registered websites and reviewthe content


of some of the information assurance sites. In your text document, listthree of the DoD-registered







websites that provide guidelines and documents related to information assurance.





4. Changethe Web address to http://www.disa.mil/. Reviewthe Defense Information Systems Agency


(DISA) website, focusing on the agency’s services and capabilities. Evaluatewhich services and







capabilities are relevant to the task of formulating a framework for secure government operations.





Next, typethe Web address http://iase.disa.mil/index2.htmlinto the address bar, and reviewDISA’s







Information Assurance Support Environment.





5. Clickthe link for Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGS)in the left-hand column on the page.


Reviewthe STIGs available, focusing on the following topics:







a. Network Hardening Guides




b. Secure Remote Computing




c. Windows Operating Systems




d. Application Security





6. In your text document, writean executive summarythat identifiestwo common auditing frameworks


used for DoD. Discussthese and be sure to include a discussion of the hardening guidelines and







security checklists used by DoD.





7. Submitthe text documentto your instructor as a deliverable for this lab.


Hands-On Steps 11



























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