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Your book proposes a business process management (BPM) model that consists 

of 10 phases. As you learn about each of these phases, you will be applying the 

concepts to a specific business process.

You will select the process you will use in this Assignment. You will prepare the 

foundation for your project by identifying a real-world organization that would 

benefit from applying the business process management (BPM) model in the 

workplace. You may select the organization where you currently work OR where 

you previously worked. If possible, you should strive to choose an organization and 

process that you have knowledge about. If you select an organization that you do 

not have direct contact with, be sure you can gather sufficient information (via the 

library, the Internet, or by interview) about the organization and its operations.

It is important to select a process that will provide a good basis for applying the 

various phases that you will be learning. To get a better understanding of what is 

coming up, it is recommended that you carefully read the two and a half page 

summary of the 10 phases that starts on page 106. This may give you an idea of 

what type of questions you will be asking about the process you select.

For this Assignment, write a paper that includes the following components (use the 

subheadings below): 


Identify and provide details regarding the organization for which you will be 

presenting information about the BPM model. Include the company name, location, 

size, and primary business area (What does the business do?). Also, describe 

what connection you have to the organization, if any. If not, explain how you will 

gather information about their operations.


Describe the business process that you have selected, as you did in the 

discussion. Clearly state:

1. The objective of the process. 

2. The scope (Where the process begins and ends). 

3. A brief description of those involved. 


In order to ensure the process you select is rich enough to support this project; 

your answer to the items in the following checklist must be “yes.” Briefly explain 

each item:

● Significance: Does this process have some strategic significance or a 

significant impact on the operations of the organization?

● Scope: Does this process have various stakeholders, in addition to multiple 

people involved in its execution?

● Clarity: Is it possible to identify and list the steps in this process, from 

beginning to end?

● Outcomes: Are there specific goals and deliverables associated with this 

process that can be listed and measured? 


1) Why should the company undertake a BPM project on this process (what 

are some triggers)?

2) How can this business or organization benefit the BPM model? 


Less than 10% works cited!!

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