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MIS 535 Managerial Applications of information Technology


Final Exam

Set 3

  1. (TCO A) Assess at least two benefits of using enterprise systems.
  2. (TCO A) You have been hired to work with 10 salespeople from different branches of a national business in creating an online training site for new Sales employees. Identify six collaboration tools that are available to help the team work together. Which single tool would be the most helpful for the project, in your opinion, and why?
  3. (TCO A) You are advising the owner of Small town Computer, a new, local computer repair store that also builds custom computers to order. What competitive strategies could Small town Computer exert? Which ones will it have difficulty exercising?
  4. (TCO B) You work for an auto manufacturer and distributor. How could you use information systems to achieve greater customer intimacy?
  5. (TCO B) Describe four types of application that are especially well-suited for mobile-commerce
  6. (TCO B) You are evaluating BI software from a variety of vendors. Identify six elements in the BI environment. Use your understanding of the importance of these elements to formulate six questions to ask the vendor in order to determine how their software will interplay with your needs.
  7. (TCO C) If you were to design the new contracts database for a publishing house what fields do you anticipate needing? Which of these fields might be in use in other databases used by the company?
  8. (TCO C) What types of relationships are possible in a relational database? Describe and give an example of each.
  9. (TCO C) Describe the ways in which database technologies could be used by an office stationery supply company to achieve low-cost leadership
  10. (TCO D) How are RFID systems used in inventory control and supply chain management?
  11. (TCO D) What is cloud computing and how do you think its developments could impact businesses?
  12. (TCO D) What are the business advantages of using voice over IP (VOIP) technology?
  13. (TCO E) Distinguish between grid computing, cloud computing, and utility computing.
  14. (TCO E) What additional complexities are faced in global supply chains? How does the Internet help in managing global supply chains?
  15. (TCO E) Explain why standards are so important in information technology? What standards have been important for the growth of Internet technologies?
  16. (TCO F) Differentiate between intangible and tangible benefits and list three examples of each. In what types of systems are intangible benefits more predominant?
  17. (TCO F) You have been hired as a consultant for a nationwide real estate firm, Cross & Deptford, who are interested in achieving better organization between branches by updating their information systems, but are not sure what will suit their needs. What will you recommend they do in order to determine the most effective IT projects?
  18. (TCO F) What qualities of object-oriented development make this method especially suitable for Internet applications?
  19. (TCO G) Define the basic concept of responsibility, accountability, and liability as applied to ethical decision. How are these concepts related?
  20. (TCO G) How is the security of a firm’s information system and data affected by its people, organization, and technology? In the contribution of one of these dimensions any more important than the other? Why?
  21. (TCO G) Discuss the issue of security challenges on the Internet as that issue applies to a global enterprise. List at least 5 Internet security challenges.

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