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Assignment 1 Part A Participation in discussion forum Module 2
Order Description
This assignment is divided into 2 parts (200 words + or 10% for each one) and I have requested your help for both of them.
This order is for the first part which is related to module 2.
You will notice that this assignment is also required 100 words of responses to other students after the submission of 200 word initial response to module content. Please ignore it because i need the 200 words first and later on I will order that 100 words.
Assignment 1Part A: Online discussion forum (module 2)
Length: 200 words + or 10%
After completion of the readings and activities for module 1 and subsequently for module 2 students need to do Assignment 1: Part A. For each module students are to provide a 200 word initial response to module content followed by 100 words of responses to other students. Students will only be able to see the contribution of other participants in their class after they have made the initial contribution. Students need to prepare their initial contribution carefully as once submitted it cannot be changed. Subsequent contributions will not be considered. Students are directed to consult the Assignment resources folder for Assignment 1: Part A which contains the forum discussion rules forum questions that need to be addressed and the marking guide. Students are to use professional language and adhere to Discussion forum etiquette.
The forum questions are generic for Part A (module 1 and module 2)
Forum discussion rules:
Refer to the forum questions for CPD & TPPP considerations below and activities in each module.
Contribute to the online discussion forum with a 200 word initial contribution that answers the forum questions followed by 100 words of responses to other students.
Responses must include background and explanation
Forum questions for CPD & TPPP consideration:
For each module discuss one strategy that would be considered during transition to professional practice (TPPP).
State the reason for choosing the strategy.
Discuss how this strategy is applicable to your 5 year continuing professional development plan.
State how this learning will change your practice.
Provide a minimum of one source of evidence from the literature to support the benefits of this strategy to your career.
Both text and list Referencing are required
Age of references: references should preferably be less than 5 years old.
Requested Sources: recent (5 years or less) academic sources majorly scholarly peer reviewed journal articles text books can be utilized
Suggested Sources:
Chang & J Daly Transitions in nursing: preparing for professional practice 3rd edn Elsevier Sydney

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